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Wedding anniversaries,  engagements and weddings all deserve to be celebrated in a big way. If you're looking for an anniversary gift, customise yours with a photo and/or text!

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Personalised anniversary gifts

An anniversary is a time to celebrate an important moment, be it a milestone at work or in a long-standing relationship. There are those who like to celebrate anniversaries every year and perhaps surprise their partner with a gift, and those who want to surprise their beloved after an important milestone, such as 25 or 50 years of marriage. Finding the perfect anniversary gift can be very tricky... the last thing you want to do is disappoint the recipient. Trust YourSurprise, where you can find many original and unique gift ideas so you can show how much you really care! If, on the other hand, you have received an invitation to a wedding anniversary celebration and don't know what gift to give, we have advice for this event too. We will help you make a good impression and you will be able to give something special to the couple.

The best gift for an anniversary

Have your parents been married for nearly 50 years? Or has your colleague been employed for almost 10 years? Then this should definitely be celebrated! Anniversaries are great moments to celebrate together and look back on the past years. Do you have an anniversary to celebrate soon? Then naturally this calls for a personal gift. Giving a personalised anniversary present is a great way to make this moment extra special.

Wedding anniversary

Have you gone to a thousand shops and even looked for gifts online, but without finding the one you like? First of all, you have to remember that the recipients are a couple in love and would probably love to receive something related to an emotion, a gift that makes them relive the moments they spent together. If, however, you don't feel up to it or don't have the chance to find a nice photo, you can still opt for something special to surprise the newlyweds. Among the best gift ideas without a photo you can find champagne sets with engraved glasses (with this gift you can choose whether to engrave the wooden box or engrave the glasses, in both cases you can personalise them with the couple's names or the words "20 years", "30 years" or "50 years"); personalised chocolates with an inscription, for example the Chocolate Telegram with a message for the couple; or a personalised card, ideal if you are on a tight budget and still want to let them know you're thinking of them by adding a personalised message on the greeting card.

If you've been married for 5, 10 or 25 years, this is a reason to celebrate! At 5 years, you celebrate your wood anniversary. At 10 years, it's your tin anniversary, 25 years is the silver wedding and 50 years is your golden wedding. Naturally you'll want to buy something special for your parents, friends or acquaintances on those days. The most popular present is a photo album with photos of the previous years, but personally we also think champagne glasses with names engraved on them are a lovely gift to give and receive. Especially if they're accompanied by a nice bottle of champagne with a picture of the couple on it. You can have their original wedding photo printed on the label and add a personalised message. Do you have your own wedding anniversary to celebrate? Surprise your wife with a beautiful canvas with your best photo on it.

The best anniversary gifts for him

Your wedding anniversary is approaching and you still haven't found a gift for him? The chances of him being in the same situation are high, but fear not, YourSurprise is here to assist you in finding the perfect anniversary gift for your boyfriend or husband. Among the most interesting gifts you can find a piece of jewellery, such as a leather bracelet with his name on it; a pair of funny boxer shorts with a photo or a bottle of his favourite liquor. You can find lots of ideas and tips for gifts for him on our website

The best anniversary gifts for her

Is the love for your girlfriend growing every day and are you finally celebrating an important anniversary? Even if you haven't organised any special events or decided to keep things small, an anniversary present for her is a must! You can choose a thought that makes her feel pampered, such as a beauty set with scented shower gel, or surprise her with a set of wine glasses with her name on them. For those with a sweet tooth, on the other hand, you can choose from a wide selection of chocolates and candies. Discover all gifts for her here.

Which gift to go for

Which gift should you go for depending on how long a couple has been together? What do you give a couple celebrating their first wedding anniversary? Or a couple who have been married for 2.5 years? It can be quite difficult to come up with something original each time. The longer you are married, the more difficult it becomes. Do you give a more expensive gift at 5 years than at 1 year? What do you do at 10 years, or 25 years or 50 years? And how much do you want to spend? It also depends on whether you want to give your partner something for your wedding day or whether you want to give another couple something as a gift for their wedding day.

Either way, the most popular gifts to celebrate a wedding anniversary are:

  • a delicious bottle of champagne with engraved glasses
  • the most beautiful photo of the wedding day enlarged as a picture on the wall, e.g. on aluminium or canvas
  • a wine gift set with engraved glasses
  • a dried flower bouquet

Ideas for one-year anniversary gifts for him and her

After a year together, one begins to get to know the other person's personality, habits, qualities and faults in greater depth. The first anniversary marks an important milestone, the relationship has officially become more serious. You have said 'I love you', gone on holiday together and exchanged the first gifts. The first anniversary can bring expectations, especially when choosing a gift for the first year of engagement. What to give a loved one as an anniversary present? An gift that is always appreciated is a personalised photo album with a collection of all the moments spent together in the previous year. Also popular are gifts with a photo of the couple: a poster to hang on the wall, a personalised heart-shaped clock or a soft cuddly toy. Don't put too much pressure on finding the perfect gift, think of something that is meaningful to your better half, something that lets her know how much you love her.

Anniversary gifts for parents

When mum and dad celebrate their birthday together, they may want to celebrate the moment together with the family. After all, it is not every day that you reach such an important milestone! Maybe they are celebrating 25 years together and have decided to organise a party or are looking for a gift for a 50th anniversary dinner. Either way, it is always nice to give an anniversary gift from your children, a gift that represents the milestones of their love. You can choose to give an individual gift for mum or dad, or a collective gift that they can share together. You can give them an experience, such as a stay in a hotel, accompanied by a card with a video, or you can create a set of engraved glasses or bathrobes with their name on them.

Use those beautiful wedding photos

Of course, it is incredibly fun to take wedding photos and incorporate them into or on the gift. Especially if the wedding was some time ago, it can be nice to see those old photos again. We are sure the couple will really enjoy it too. If you do not have digital wedding photos, take a good photo of the original photo with your mobile phone or scan the photo. You can then use the wedding photos to personalise various gifts. Our photo gifts page features lots of fantastic gifts to which you can add your photos.

Work anniversary

If you're looking for the perfect personalised gift for an employee or colleague celebrating their work anniversary, take a look at our special work anniversary page!