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Free message card with every gift

Would you like to surprise someone with a beautiful gift? All of our gifts are shipped without including an invoice, so that the gift can be shipped straight to the recipient.

All gifts personalised with photo/text

Each and every gift we create can be personalised with the photo and/or text of your choice, making it truly unique every time, for any occasion.

Personalised logo gifts featuring the logo of your choice, with possibilities to add names or text, too! Perfect for business purposes, such as gifts for clients and promotional materials. 

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Deciding to create a gift for someone is, in itself, an expression of caring or gratitude, but deciding to further customise the present means staying one step ahead. Personalisation furthers the diversity of the gift, making it even more exclusive.

Among our customisation options we offer the option to personalise a wide variety of gifts with your company logo. Adding your logo helps to distinguish you from other businesses, institutions, organisations and groups. So as well as offering a wide range of gift ideas for your colleagues, friends or family, we also offer you the opportunity to personalise these gifts, gadgets and accessories with your logo!

Here, you will find the most unique gift for your company to surprise (potential) customers, business partners and employees.

Best logo gifts for your business

At YourSurprise, we offer you a huge range of customisable gifts. Below you can find a list of our best-selling logo gadgets, with which to impress the recipient(s) you have in mind for any occasion. Get inspired!

Logo mugs

Make your logo or favourite symbol extra visible by having it printed on one of our many available mugs. Whether it's kept at the office or at home, you can surprise any coffee, tea or hot chocolate enthusiast with a special logo mug that they will use during their breaks, work day or at home.

Logo glasses

Most people enjoy their daily meals with a drink of their choice. Why not allow them to enjoy their favourite beverage from a glass featuring your logo? You could even think about creating logo glasses for an important company dinner, event or a get-together with other members of your sports club. It would be a beautiful, meaningful and practical gift, so a real triple threat!

Logo bottles

Part of our best-selling items are definitely our water bottles. Again, this is a very useful, practical product for everyone from sports enthusiasts, those who enjoy travelling or travel for work, commuters and many more. Our water bottles can be personalised with various designs including your logo. You might think about giving a water bottle with a logo to your coach, teacher, work colleagues or class mates: the possibilities are (almost) endless! Whoever the intended recipient, it's sure to be a one-of-a-kind, unique gift.

Logo key rings

A key ring is an original and useful gadget that can be made even more special by personalising it with your logo. Here at YourSurprise, you can create personalised key rings for all your company employees or as promotional material for a corporate event. You could even add a meaningful image or symbol and gift the logo key rings to your roommates, family or friend group.

Logo clothing: Add your brand logo to your clothing!

Fashion and clothing are a way to express our personality, our ideas or even our mood. We offer a wide range of clothing items for you to customise with your brand logo. By wearing or gifting clothes featuring your logo, you can promote your company or organisation with the message and feel of your business. Here at YourSurprise, for example, we give our employees beautiful sweatshirts and sweaters to allow everyone to feel part of and proud of the team!

Logo hats & caps

Among the many clothing items we offer, our hats & caps with logo are certainly among the trendiest. The perfect finishing touch for any look, it's an accessory that will get you noticed and sets you apart from the rest. Simply add your logo in the editor and that's it!

Logo sweaters

Sweatshirts are perfect for staying warm and comfortable during colder weather and a sweatshirt featuring a logo could be perfect workwear for your employees, a great way to promote your sports club or a way to ensure team members are visible and recognisable at an event, to name just a few of the possibilities.

Logo T-shirts

Customised t-shirts are one of our most-created and coolest clothing items! Whether it's printed on the front, back or both, you can rest assured that people will notice the originality of your logo tee. Perfect for work, clubs, stag or hen do's; any group activity!

Unique Logo Accessories

If you're looking for even more original customisable products, you are in the right place! We offer you the possibility to add a logo to various accessories, creating a unique piece to give to someone close to you for their birthday or other important moments during the year.

Logo backpacks & logo suitcases

Designed especially for travel lovers, there is the possibility of creating a personal backpack or suitcase, an essential piece of kit for travelling around the world! In fact, at YourSurprise you can create a backpack or suitcase with a logo. You will have a truly unique bag or suitcase, with the added advantage of being able to easily recognise it among all the others at the airport!

Logo tote bags

To go shopping, you need a suitable, comfortable, spacious bag. However, it isn't always easy to find the one that suits us and reflects our tastes! How about creating a custom one? Have a logo printed on your tote bag(s) and create your new favourite bag that will accompany you on all of your outings.

Logo aprons

For cooking enthusiasts, the apron is an essential kitchen accessory, making it an ideal gift. But how about a personal logo apron? You could create one for all the members of your family and organise a dedicated cooking day, creating good food with your loved ones! Or you could give it to your grandparents who always spoil you with lots of sweet treats. The possibilities are endless. Spread happiness with this beautiful, unique item!

Printing a logo on office gadgets is certainly one of the best ideas out there to personalise your work desk. In fact, offering small gifts with a logo to your employees and colleagues is certainly a fantastic idea to make them feel part of the team and your company mission.

Logo mouse pads

An original corporate gadget idea is a mouse mat featuring your logo! A small gesture, which certainly adds an immediate personal touch to everyone's desk.

Logo notebooks & planners

Notebooks and planners are the perfect tools for creating structure in the chaos and jotting down all of your awesome ideas, as well as your to do lists. Since you don't want to lose sight of it and confuse it with others, how about creating a planner with a personalised logo? Gift the planner with a logo to your super busy partner, employees or friend.

Create the most unique logo gifts

To make a gift special and win someone's heart, it needs to be authentic. At YourSurprise, we offer you the possibility to print a meaningful or even funny symbol, icon or logo in order to create a unique logo gadget, exclusive to the recipient(s)!

Logo chocolate gifts

For those with a sweet tooth and true chocoholics, we offer the option of creating chocolate with a logo! Surprise your colleagues at the company party with chocolates featuring the company logo!

Logo sweets gifts

For lovers of all things sweet, YourSurprise allows you to create truly original sweets gifts with a logo! Imagine how surprised the recipients will be to see a logo printed on their sweet treat!

Logo chopping boards

A chopping board is a useful object and used by many, both in the kitchen and as decoration for their home or office cantine. Why not create a special logo chopping board? You could gift it at an important family event or surprise a loved one or colleague who has just bought a house!

Logo plushies

Let's be honest, there can never be enough cuddly toys! At YourSurprise we have a special selection of customisable soft toys with logo. You can create your own logo plushie and you use it as a company mascot or mascot for the team.