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Delivered to your address of choice

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Free message card with every gift

Would you like to surprise someone with a beautiful gift? All of our gifts are shipped without including an invoice, so that the gift can be shipped straight to the recipient.

All gifts personalised with photo/text

Each and every gift we create can be personalised with the photo and/or text of your choice, making it truly unique every time, for any occasion.

Thank your business partners, employees and customers with a unique personalised corporate gift. Create your own personalised corporate gifts with the photo, logo, name(s) and/or text of your choice.

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Personalised corporate gifts, the best promotional gifts

There are many reasons for corporate gifts. Perhaps you'd like to thank your loyal clients for their business and faith in your company, or wish all of your customers a successful new year with a small gift at the end of the year. We are seeing promotional gifts being given all year round for various reasons, including gifts for employees.

An Original corporate gift for companies

Any gift given as a business should represent your company, which means you will want to surprise your (potential) customers and business partners with a corporate gift that fits your brand. Here at YourSurprise, you can create a truly unique, original gift for your business.

We don't just offer a selection of the usual gifts you can find everywhere, but we have a range that includes many different kinds of chocolate, drinks, kitchen accessories, office supplies and much more. All of our gifts can be personalised with a logo, a name, photo and/or text. Here are just some ideas for unusual and original corporate gifts:

  • An XXL chocolate bar featuring your logo: Choose from well-known, popular brands
  • A personalised mouse mat: Choose from various sizes
  • A candy jar filled with delicious treats and featuring your company logo
  • A lunch box engraved with your logo or text
  • Personalised hand luggage: Perfect for travel and brand promotion

These are just some of the unique logo gifts you can find at YourSurprise.

Why you should choose a unique business gift The gift recipients, whether they are employees, partners or customers, will appreciate your gesture even more. They will remember that you put in additional effort and will be pleasantly surprised by your originality!

Small corporate gifts for companies

Looking for a great business gift that won't break the bank? Cheap and small doesn't have to mean that it is of a lower quality or has less value. We offer gifts for companies with smaller or bigger budgets, meeting both your own and the recipient's needs. You can find a wide selection of smaller gifts such as personalised pens, key rings, glasses, tote bags, caps etc… You can buy them in bulk and receive a discount or purchase them straight from our website. Our team is ready to assist you!

XL corporate gifts

Why not go big with an XL business gift? We know size doesn't really matter, but it can make the recipient extra happy! We have a selection of XL and XXL business gifts for a big surprise that will definitely stand out. Here some ideas:

  • Personalised XXL Toblerone bar, the ultimate 4.5 kg gift!
  • Huge Teddy bear: Available in 2 different big sizes with a personalised t-shirt to which you can add your logo
  • An XXL mug, for those who can't live without coffee or tea
  • A magnum bottle of champagne featuring your personalisation
  • A giant Chupa Chups lollipop tower with your logo on top

Discover all of our XL and XXL gifts.

Personalised promotional products, no minimum

Promotional items are a great way to show (potential) clients, employees and/or partners your appreciation. Finding the right gift can be a challenge, especially when you need to buy in bulk. But did you know that, here at YourSurprise, you can buy personalised merchandise and promo items without a minimum number of pieces?

We understand that you may not always need large quantities of promotional products. Perhaps you just want to thank a business partner, reward one of your employees for their hard work or celebrate a work anniversary. This is why we offer a wide range of business gifts that can be ordered starting from just 1 piece. Whether you're looking for promotional products, corporate gifts or custom gifts, we've got you covered. You can choose and personalise your business gift on our website.

If you do require larger quantities and you don't want to waste too much time personalising each product, we can do this for you! Simply fill out the form to contact our team, give us a call or send an email.

Personalised corporate gifts for every occasion

We understand that you might be looking for a gift for specific gifting moments and we want to make sure you can find the best one for your needs. We offer gifts for the following occasions:

If you don't see your gifting moment in the list, don't worry; we cover many more!

Personalised promotional gifts for your best clients

One of the most common reasons for promotional gifts is to maintain the relationship a company has built with its existing clients. A promotional gift shows your client that they are important to you. Realising that you're in business with individual people rather than a faceless company is key, as people love feeling seen. You can keep your business relationship warm and in great shape by sending out a little thank you to your business contacts every now and then. This also gives you a good reason to reach out, to find out if they enjoyed their gift, especially if its an edible gift such as chocolate or sweets. The more you show your client that you care, the stronger the business relationship.

Do be aware that, in some cases, companies that you are working with aren't permitted to accept all promotional gifts. For instance, they may only be permitted to accept gifts up to a certain value, or not permitted to accept any promotional gifts at all. In other cases, promotional gifts are submitted to a raffle for employees. It's always important to keep these rules in mind when selecting your promotional gift, you may even want to ask the company if your gift can be accepted. Our tip would be to stick to a small gesture, such as a delicious personalised Toblerone bar, practical personalised water bottle or an engraved decanter for the office. All of these gifts can be used or enjoyed at the office, or shared with colleagues.

The gift you give depends, in part, on current trends. Back in the day, USB-sticks were a coveted gift, followed by power bars. To help you select the gift you should go for now, we've listed the 9 latest trends for you, from small gifts to beautiful personalised suitcases and champagne gift sets.

Gifts for your employees

Traditionally speaking, the end of the year is the perfect moment to thank your employees for their hard work over the past year. This often happens at the company holiday celebration with a Christmas gift. We are now seeing companies surprise their employees with gifts throughout the year, such as personalised sweaters featuring the company logo, a personalised beach towel for their holidays or personalised water bottles for them to use at work and when commuting.

Important dates to make a corporate gift!

There are a few important recurring dates that you should note as perfect opportunities to surprise your employees with a little something. These are:

  • Going back to the office in September
  • World teacher day on 5 October
  • Christmas
  • Administrative Professionals Day on 20 April
  • International Nurses Day on 12 May

Gifts for employees working from home

As employees work from home more and more, we're seeing companies struggle to stay in touch as they would at the office. If you're seeing people less often, how can you ensure that they will remain actively involved? It can be especially hard to navigate as a larger company, which is why companies are opting to send out small gifts throughout the year. This could be a puzzle featuring a team photo or a delicious bar of personalised chocolate, such as Toblerone. Each gift can be personalised with the employee's name and/or a photo, making it extra special and personal.

Personalised promotional gifts

Branded corporate gifts that are unique and made specifically for each employee or client are called personalised promotional gifts. We specialise in personalising all of our promotional items here at YourSurprise, which means that every single gift can be personalised specifically for each recipient. If you'd like to gift 2000 employees their own personalised water bottle featuring their name, no problem. If you'd like to have 500 gifts delivered to 500 different addresses, we can do that for you.

All you need to do is supply a list of your employee's names, addresses and/or company logo. Some gifts offer the option to add a cool company photo or design as well as your logo. Branded corporate gifts are truly unique and personal.