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Getting the keys to a new house is a very exciting time. Surprise someone who has just moved in with a housewarming gift.

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Unique housewarming gifts

Receiving the keys to a new home is a special moment and emotion, sealing an important milestone in life. Getting them is most likely the result of a long and difficult hunt for the perfect place and a lot of hard work. If you know someone who has just moved into a new home and want to celebrate the moment with an unforgettable housewarming gift, you've come to the right place! Our gift experts have selected personalised ideas that are perfect for friends, couples, or any other special person you’d like to surprise.

How do you celebrate a new home?

Although celebrating a new home isn’t an obligation, it’s a fairly common practice. After all, one wants to celebrate the new milestone in life with loved ones, and what better way than with a dinner, appetiser, or party? Popular options include buffet-style appetisers or dinners at home. Friends, family members, new neighbours; all can be invited.

What should you give as a housewarming gift?

A housewarming party often calls for housewarming gifts. If you don't want to show up empty-handed, you can opt for a little something for their new home. Be careful, however, not to buy decor items that are too personal. Your taste may not be the same as the recipient’s! Here are some new home gifts that won't disappoint:

  • Kitchen utensil set: A high-quality kitchen utensil set is essential in every home. Give a stylish and practical set to help your loved ones prepare delicious meals. Go for engraved wooden tools, a personalised chopping board or a knife set.
  • Bath products: A set of high-quality bath products can make a great housewarming gift. This can include soaps, shower gels, shampoos, and bubble baths. In addition, you can personalise the packaging with a new home congratulations message for their housewarming party. Another good alternative are embroidered towels or bathrobes featuring the recipient’s name.
  • Dried flowers: A bouquet of dried flowers is a classic but always appreciated gift. They are beautiful, long-lasting and can be used as decoration in any room of the house. Choose flowers in tones that best match the decor of the new home. Available in a range of styles and colours, you can find the perfect bouquet to celebrate this new adventure.
  • Drinks: A great wine, champagne or some craft beers can make an excellent gift. An even better idea might be a selection of different beers, to be enjoyed at different times and presented in a personalised gift set.
  • Scented candle: A scented candle adds a relaxing touch to any home. You can personalise your candle with a wish for the new home, a photo or the recipients' names.
  • Gift sets: These personalised sets include a selection of unique gifts, such as wine with glasses, snacks and kitchen accessories. They are a unique way to say "Welcome to your new home."

Housewarming gifts for a young couple

Starting a life together in a new home is an unforgettable experience for a young couple! This is a big step, especially if it’s their first time living together. A gift designed to complement their new love nest will be greatly appreciated. Here are some suggestions:

Cooking enthusiasts

A gift for a new home for someone who loves cooking can only be related precisely to preparing dishes or serving them. Think fine engraved cutting boards, a personalised leather apron, a serving tray with a photo for table service, an engraved wooden salt and pepper set.

Party people

A set of personalised cocktail glasses is a great new home gift that combines style and function. You can also opt for a cocktail package, perfect for celebrating with a toast. Party lovers might also appreciate a barbecue set or cute personalised glass holders.

Lovers of style

If recipients love good taste and refinement, they might appreciate a bottle of champagne or fine wine inside an engraved wooden case. You can have their names or a message for the milestone engraved. You can also opt for a set that includes a bottle and wine glasses. This can be accompanied by an engraved corkscrew or a steel wine cooler.

For those who work from home

Those who work from home will probably have set up an efficient workstation in their new home as well. Why not give a gift that can enrich the workstation? A scented candle to keep on the desk, a personalised thermos mug to keep the coffee hot, a water bottle personalised with his name, a notebook to write down all the notes...

Useful housewarming gifts

When choosing a housewarming gift, it is important to choose something that is both useful. You can ask the recipients if they need anything for the house or if they have created a wish list. You can also consider giving them money and present it in an elegant way, accompanied by a personalised gift or greeting card with a special message.

Housewarming gifts that are made to impress

There are gifts that resonate in the mind long after they are given. If you want to make a big impression with your gift for a new home, why not choose something that will leave a lasting impression? Think of the quintessential gift: a key ring for the new home, personalised with a greeting message or photo. Alternatively, opt for a nice photo gift, such as a personalised canvas, a photo wall panel, or a personalised calendar.

Housewarming gift for women

Has an important woman in your life such as your sister, friend, or colleague just moved into a new house? What a wonderful milestone! Here are some gift ideas to celebrate:

  1. A wine glass engraved with her name
  2. A bottle of his favourite gin
  3. A fleece blanket with a photo on it
  4. A personalised doormat with a funny welcome phrase
  5. An elegant engraved lamp
  6. A giant chocolate bar
  7. A large personalised towel

Housewarming gift for men

Looking for ideas to surprise your friend for his housewarming? Here are some suggestions:

  1. A personalised cocktail shaker for the party lover
  2. A personalised whiskey bottle for the whiskey lover
  3. A personalised poster of his favourite team for the sports fan
  4. Elegant leather coasters to share with guests
  5. An engraved wooden cutting board for the chef of the house
  6. A box of chocolates for the sweet tooth