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How to celebrate your child’s first birthday with a bang

How to celebrate your child’s first birthday with a bang

Wow, what a milestone! Your little one is turning 1, which is an extremely special occasion that you’ll want to celebrate in a big way. A beautiful cake and lovely decorations are musts for a fantastic party and the cutest photos. Read on for more tips on making your little one’s first birthday unforgettable.

Tip #1: Selecting the right time

It can be tempting to have the party last all day and to invite lots of family and friends, but the most important part of your planning is selecting the time that will work best for your child. Birthdays are fun but can be intense and it’s essential to make sure your little one feels good. Do this by selecting the time of day at which they will be well-rested and at their best, such as after their afternoon nap. Don’t worry too much if the nap doesn’t happen or your child is tired; this is beyond your control. Just enjoy the good moments and go with the flow if your child does fall asleep!

Create your own personalised tablecloth

Tip #2: A lovely, unique tablecloth

If you’d like to avoid running around between guests all day, create a table with lots of tasty treats and drinks and let your guests know they are welcome to help themselves. Add the perfect base with a personalised tablecloth featuring photos of the birthday boy or girl; the perfect eye-catcher, conversation starter and festive to boot.
You can create your very own personalised tablecloth in our online editor. Select your photos and have them printed on a beautiful cotton tablecloth. The tablecloth can be washed at 40°C, which means it can be used again and again.

Create your own personalised tablecloth >

Fun napkins

Tip #3: Fun napkins

If you’d like to go even bigger, add fun personalised napkins to the table, too! These can also be created in our online editor, in no time at all, by uploading your photos of choice. Use them as napkins or as decoration for smaller side tables.

The napkins can be washed at 40°C also.

Create your own personalised napkins >

Tip #4: A special birthday plate

If you’re making or ordering a delicious birthday cake, there’s no better way to serve it up than on a special birthday plate! You can select from fun designs and add your child’s name or photo to make it truly personal. The plate is made of sturdy plastic, so it can be used for a very long time. Your child will love remembering their birthday every time they use their special plate!

Create your own personalised birthday plate Create your own personalised birthday plate >

Create your own birthday bib

Tip #5: Birthday bib

It’s probably going to be a bit of a challenge for your little one to enjoy their cake without making a mess, which means they’re likely to be covered head to toe in cake, icing and buttercream. Have them wear a cute personalised bib to protect their birthday outfit!

The bib can be personalised with the name of your choice and is available in blue, light blue, grey, fuchsia, light pink and white. Simply select your colour and create a cool birthday bib!

Create your own birthday bib >

wooden toys

Tip #6: A gift that will last

Choosing a first birthday gift may be one of the most important choices you feel you have to make, but the good thing is that your child will love anything, which means you can choose something you love, too! We’d advise going with a gift that will last, such as durable wooden toys personalised with your little one’s name. We offer lots of lovely options, such as a stroller, cargo bike, balance bike, tricycle, pushcart and 3-in-1 push-along toy.

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