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Delivered to your address of choice

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Free message card with every gift

Would you like to surprise someone with a beautiful gift? All of our gifts are shipped without including an invoice, so that the gift can be shipped straight to the recipient.

All gifts personalised with photo/text

Each and every gift we create can be personalised with the photo and/or text of your choice, making it truly unique every time, for any occasion.

Personalise your mug with the photo, design and/or text of your choice. A wide selection of printed mugs for any occasion and recipient, including our personalised magic mug, mug with name, thermos mug and many more!

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Personalised mugs

Personalised mugs are popular gifts and it’s easy to see why: they make truly cool photo gifts to surprise someone with. At YourSurprise you can create a cool mug with your own design in no time at all. In addition to classic mugs, we also offer personalised glass mugs , coloured mugs with photo and colour on the inside (pink, red, yellow or black), magic mugs, football mugs and giant mugs.

Are you sometimes not sure what gift to give someone? A mug is a gift that is timeless. After all, there are always mugs and glasses that break in the house and having a nice photo to print on a mug is an original way to capture a memory. Whether it's Christmas , Easter , Mother's Day or Father's Day, a personalised mug never disappoints. You can choose from the many designs selected for every occasion.

If you also want to leave a message, just add it in the editor, so you can be sure that the gift would be appreciated!

Mugs are not all the same! We have a huge range of mugs in different materials, shapes and colors that you can make unique and special by personalising them with your favorite photos in just a few steps.

You can also personalise your mug with your company logo to create sustainable promotional material or a gift for employees and customers. You can place your order directly on the site, upload your logo, or contact our corporate department and get help with your large order.

Who should you give a mug to?

Whether it's a gift for him or her, your boyfriend or best friend, how about a collage with your most beautiful photos? It could become a collection of mugs you give for every anniversary, or a thought to thank your best friend who always listens to your problems over a cup of tea!

If your kids also have their favorite mug and sometimes argue about which mug belongs to whom, you can solve the situation with a mug with their name or by choosing a cute design like the unicorn mug or the soccer cup. If they enjoy a nice cold beer at the end of the day sometimes, you could even go with a nice big personalised beer mug .

And at the office? A mug is essential. Whether it's tea or coffee, this is the only real moment of relaxation. Gifting a coworker a mug is a gesture that she will always cherish.

If you're a coffee lover, well... we've got something for you too! Surely we all have that favourite coffee mug that gives us a good start of the day in the morning and that inexplicably makes the taste of the coffee better and more intense. We don't like it when the mug is used by someone else!

So it is certain: giving one or more personalised coffee mugs , especially when they can be personalised with photos and/or text, is not just a gift, but it is THE GIFT you have been looking for.

If you're the boss of a company with super smart and creative employees, don't miss the opportunity to thank them by gifting them a personalised mug with their name or your brand logo. Think about it, it can really motivate them to give it their all!

Mugs as birthday gifts

Do you find yourself getting stressed over selecting the perfect birthday gift? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. You can’t go wrong with a cool mug with photo of the birthday boy or girl, or a photo of the two of you together. You can even add the text of your choice to complete the design for your personalised birthday mug . The recipient will think of you every time they enjoy a cuppa tea or coffee! We even offer a special personalised espresso mug for the enthusiasts.

Magic mug for a big surprise

The Magic Mug is a black mug, but when you pour in a hot drink, the black coating slowly disappears, revealing the design beneath. The ideal way to truly surprise someone with a beautiful, spicy or sweet photo.

A mug for your BFF

If you’d like to let your bestie know how much they mean to you, why not go for a mug with a heart-shaped handle? Add a photo and a sweet text to show them that you’re thinking of them and are always there when they need a cuppa and a talk.

Mug full of love

Will you be celebrating an anniversary with your partner soon, or Valentine's Day? If so, you’ll be on the hunt for a sweet gift that shows how much fun you have together. Create a love-themed mug or personalised Valentine's Day mug with a collage of your best moments! Your partner will be so surprised and happy with this original gift, and can use it year-round.

Mugs for your children

If you’re looking for a great gift for each member of your family, give them each their very own mug. No more discussions over who wants which mug, or who hasn’t cleaned up after themselves!

A mug just for you

Of course you can treat yourself too! Wake up and enjoy your morning cuppa from your very own mug. Add the photo or photos that you love and enjoy seeing them every day.

Mugs, both big and small

Whether you prefer a large cup of tea or a small, powerful espresso, we have what you need. We have small espresso mugs, regular mugs and even giant mugs; something for everyone.

Enamel mugs

If you prefer to go old-school, we can do that too! Check out our cool personalised enamel mugs for a vintage look. Perfect for taking with you on camping or hiking trips, too. We also have a cool personalised stainless steel mug for an industrial vibe.

Mug on the go

If you're looking for a mug that can travel with you wherever you go, take a look at our personalised thermos mug . Not only does it keep your favourite drink warm or cool for longer, it can hold up to 500 ml. Personalised with the design, photo and/or text of your choice and you're ready to hit the road!

Spread a little happiness

A gift doesn’t have to be big and expensive, it’s all about the gesture and showing someone you’re thinking of them. You don’t need a special occasion to surprise someone, either! We believe that not just receiving gifts makes us happy, but giving them does, too. So spread a little happiness.